Hitch Pack Camper Accessories.

The KingStar Hitch Pack is an innovative travel accessory designed to act as a step up to your camper or truck, and has spaces perfectly designed for the Honda® 2200 inverter, Camco® BBQ grill, four small Coleman® LP bottles,and two Roto Pax® 2.5 gallon fuel cans. Note: the grill side has additional space for storage.

The Hitch Pack by KingStar can be raised or lowered 3 inches. Example: 2020 F-350 4x4 Dually, low setting step height is 15”/high setting step height is 18”. 

Designed for a 2.5" receiver, which can be adapted for 2" or 3" receivers.

The empty weight of the Hitch Pack is 200 pounds.

Note: The generator, grill, LP bottles, and fuel cans are not included with the purchase of the Hitch Pack.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Taxes + Shipping are not included.

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